Holonet Archives: Shii-Cho

 "Shii Cho, the first form. This is where all the other forms flow from. All Force Adepts, whether they were Jedi or Sith, learned Shii Cho when they first joined their respective Order. Many underestimate the form as being one of the "weaker" forms. It isn't weak, it's simple. The guiding principle is to move from Point A to Point B while fluidly taking anyone down in the process. This is a shotgun blast. This is a Bulldozer. Those are simple things too, and look at what they can do. If anyone else is confused about the capabilities of a Shii Cho Master, see me outside and I'll start the lesson over again." - Sentinel Uilos

General Sun's Shii-Cho

"The recording that launched a thousand sabers. One of the few interpretations of the Seven that have attained near-universal (almost literally!) acceptance by the saber community. Fun Fact: General Sun and Chuck Norris met once in a Temporal Vortex. They walked by each other, nodded, and in one singular movement Roundhouse Kicked Each other. This, many  historians believe, is how the Big Bang happened. True Story." - Sentinel Uilos

Lucien Kane's Shii-Cho

"Master Lucien Kane demonstrates his understanding of Shii Cho.  
People have always asked me "Why don't you duel Kane?" and I reply "Because Reality doesn't have a high enough effects budget ." - Sentinel Uilos

CGI of Sun's Shii-Cho

Well, how the hell was I suppose to know Darth Animus was going to put my battle data into a damned Combat Droid? - Sentinel Uilos