Marks of Contact

Marks of contact: 

Sai: techniques use a large powerful chop to go through zone 4.

  1. Sai cha: separates zone 1 from zone 4.
  2. Sai tok: goes through zone 4.

Cho techniques tend to target the limbs of the opponent. 

  1. Cho sun separates zone 2 or zone 3 from zone 4.
  2. Cho mok separates zone 5 or 6 from zone 4.
  3. Cho mai goes through zone 2 or 3

Shiim techniques are used to disrupt and control the opponents movements by touching target zones with the blade of the saber.

  1. shiim ‘ai: hits the hand
  2. shiim ‘ok: hits the legs
  3. shiim sun: hits the arm

Shiak techniques stab zone 4 with the point of the saber