Form II: Makashi

Second Form: Makashi Makashi

Makashi Dulon

Makashi: Interaction, The Contention Form, The Way of the Ysalamiri

The second Formula in the system and the traditional order of the Forms, is Makashi. It is concerned primarily with the duel, saber against saber. There are many stereotypes and myths about this Form. It’s place in the system has some similarities and some differences. Much of this is due to historians and storytellers who have no real background in the arts of war and conflict making assumptions based on their limited understanding of the topic. 

The meaning of it’s place in the system training interaction and the traditional name of “The Contention Form” are in agreement. The formula is concerned mainly with the mechanics and truths associated with saber to saber single combat. It is the expression of the interaction between straight lines. The guards and footwork are simple, but can be combined in any way. Due to it’s use in history and it’s main focus, the appearance of this formula in practice can appear either too simple or too complicated. It’s training focus is the actual conflict of the two weapons and, by extension, the two combatants. 


It’s characteristic position is with the dominant hand and foot forward. This is a function of the idea behind the formula, rather than a rule that is stated in the formula. This maximizes the reach of the weapon while keeping most of the critical strikes zone out of range of the opponent.  The footwork strives to preserve this dynamic, using cross steps and lunges with long reach. This appearance is one that causes much of the popular confusion among certain groups on what exactly constitutes this Form. 

The combat philosophy is one of science and art. Strategy and observation must work in conjunction with creativity and adaptation. The formula looks at the fight it’s self, what happens when, which techniques are the most likely to succeed, and facts and physics behind the interaction of the weapons. The stances, maneuvers and ideas are all design to maximize one’s chances in an altercation. 

It’s connection with the Ysalamiri is often oversimplified as being that the Jedi of old admired it’s tenacity. In truth a much more fruitful analogy can be drawn. The ysalamiri creates a force bubble around them, nullifying any effects the Force has on them. It is not the Force aspect of this which should be emphasized but rather, the bubble it’s self. One can look at the bubble as a metaphor for the guards and spheres of the Makashi formula. The idea being that one can nullify any attack that is given.