Holonet Archives: Makashi

Makashi, the Second Form. Well, when we all learned how to use these killer glowsticks it was only going to be a matter of time before we wanted to learn the best ways to use them against each other. Where Shii Cho is more for groups, Makashi is for singular duelling. There are many assumptions that Makashi users only rely on Shiak stabbing techniques. Don't fall for that. While I'm certain some of the more...purist...practitioners prefer it, you can kill just as well with the edge of the blade as you can with the tip."  - Sentinel Uilos

Lucien Kane's Makashi

"Master Kane demonstrates Makashi. Something to note: Those curved hilts? They are duelist sabers, not Makashi Sabers. There is a difference. Makashi is actually preferred to be used with a shorter straight hilt for tighter control. A Curved Hilt is as much a mark of a Master Duelist as a lightsaber is of a Force User." 

Ecaris of NYJ

"Master Ecaris of the New York Jedi demonstrates his work in progress of Makashi. I took this recording myself, so I apologize for any shaking of the hands."
- Sentinel Uilos