Lesser Krayt

Lessor Krayt: Moves in evasive circles and arcs around the center while wielding the blade on the sharp angles in between and intersecting. This application of the formula keeps the saber wielder moving at all times, never standing still and becoming difficult to hit. It uses positioning to cut off opponents and break up groups into smaller more manageable configurations. It is intended to allow one to face many. Blaster fire can be redirected and groups of assailants can be defeated by a single swordsman.

Greater Krayt

Greater Krayt: Moves in powerful attacks from the center. The center is assumed to be the swordsman. Movements use a wedge type of power that requires good control and strength to break through an enemies defense. More assumed to be melee combat against other lightsabers, it’s techniques redirect the energy coming in straight around the wielder while simultaneously attacking a Zone or Mark of  Contact.