Q: What do I do to become a LX student? 

A: Here's what you will do: Simply join the Learners in Exile forum. from there you may interact with official TPLA Apprentices, Knights, and Masters to get feed back on the TPLA material that you are working on. ( the official LX forum is stil under construction. There is a Facebook group that is serving as a forum until it is completed. Please follow the link: Facebook LX discussion group )

Q. I don't have the money for a lightsaber yet but I still want to participate in the program. Could I substitute it with a hasbro toy lightsaber or a 1"thick wooden dowel in the meantime while I get a job and save up for one?

A. Of course! One of the things about what we do is we are just substituting a lightsaber for sticks and swords anyway. 

Q.The closest thing I have to a camera is a built-in webcam; would that device be acceptable to create my initiate video or use a live video stream?

A. As long as your video meets the standards for video quality and framing, it really does not matter what type of device you use. Good lighting, the ability to stay on camera, and the ability to see you whole body including feet are what is important. 

Q.How flexible is the "learn at your own pace" system?  As in, if someone (i.e. me) is very busy with other things, how slow can one go and still be acceptably involved?

A. We all understand the constraints with time. The LX program is very open and you can literally work at any pace you wish. If you are interestd in becoming and official Apprentice, the requirements are involvement with the group, an attitude of resect for other and one's self, and a commitment to safety and fun as well as technical excellence and skill. 

Q.What if we took the teachings and taught others after passing the courses is that allowed?

A. All material from TPLA is available publicly on our website and various social media outlets. We encourage people to take these lessons and use them freely under our Creative Commons License

If you are enrolled in the LX program and studying to become a certified instructor you will be held to a certain level of quality in safety, technical ability and teaching/coaching ability. We will not endorse any instructor of this material in any way unless we are able to objectively review their progress and handling of the material. 

You must be working with a TPLA Master or Headmaster to be running an official TPLA recognized group and/or be included as a TPLA affiliate.

Q.Would we be considered masters on the other forums we are posting in?

A.Absolutely not. The ranking system established by TPLA is internal to TPLA groups and system. Master is a title and position within the organization and does in no way claim ability, expertise or knowledge of real combative disciplines. Also, the Forums that we post on and that some of us are “Masters” on, are again, internal to those sites. TPLA has no control nor will TPLA endorse anyone claiming to be a “Master” outside the TPLA system of LED saber combat.