TPLA Learners in Exile

The Learners in Exile program is an online, interactive program that will allow anyone ages 18 and over with access to a computer the ability to learn the art of lightsaber combat from the professionals here at TPLA. Learners in Exile (or "LXs") will be able to learn the material compiled by TPLA through video sharing, hangouts and public events. 

The LX program is designed to give you the virtual experience of a Jedi Praxum or Sith Training encampment. Advance through various ranks by passing trials and learn specialized material based on your skills and strengths.  

For those who wish to have guidance and feedback on their road to learning, TPLA has put into place an internal ranking system to give Learners in Exile face to face time with Masters and others and receive feedback on their progress.

And even train to become an official certified TPLA lightsaber instructor! 

Move at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. 

If you are interested instructions on joining will be posted soon here: Beginning your Journey. 

As always, please connect with us if you have any questions.