Terra Prime personel

The Terra Prime Team.

The Masters
These are the individuals responsible for developing the TPLA curriculum. We take our Love of martial art and weapons and are combining with our love of Star Wars to bring about a totally new way to stay active and have fun! 

Darth Nonymous: Founder, Director, Headmaster of the Darkside Path.
Form Specialty: Shien/Juyo

VorNach: Founder, Head Master of the Consular Path
Form Specialty: Djem So/Form Zero

Nero Attoru: Headmaster of the Guardian Path
Form Specialty: Makashi /Soresu

Uilos: Keeper of the Holonet Archives, Headmaster of the Sentinel Path
Form Specialty: Shii-Cho/Djem So

Artorius Vidnyl: Headmaster of the Vaapad Path. 
Form Specialty: Soresu/Vaapad


Knights are those working on their path, developing new methods and constantly testing the validity of the techniques. Knights hold classes and lead groups to help spread the mission of TPLA. 

Lucien Kane: Knight Sentinel and founder of Tythos Ridge Saber Academy.
Form Specialty: Ataru/Soresu

Tanq: Teaches in Columbus Ohio. 
Form Specialty: Shien/Djem So