TPLA Affiliates

These are the groups that are officially recognized by TPLA as study groups and are lead by individuals the work closely with TPLA and the material. Official groups fall into one of these three categories: 

  • Enclave: These groups are lead by official Learns in Exile. They focus training on Shii-Cho and help other initiates prepare for the trials. Being part of an Enclave does not allow one to advance in ranks with the TPLA system but will help new persons learn and practice the basic level material of Form I Shii-Cho. pre-arranged combat only with appropriate gear. No Free play or sparring is allowed in Enclaves.

 All TPLA affiliates agree and adhere to the TPLA Mission Statement. In addition all affiliate chapters must conform to a strict code of conduct and quality control. 

Code of Conduct

  1. All TPLA representatives (including apprentices and padawans) will conduct them selves with integrity, openness, and respect for others. Failure to do so will result in discontinuation in any activities involving TPLA.
  2. All TPLA representatives (including apprentices and padawans) will respect the efforts of others no matter what their background and/or experience. Anyone maliciously and/or publicly insulting, demeaning, or disparaging any person, school, or organization in or out of the saber community will have their relationship with TPLA dissolved.
  3. All TPLA representatives (including apprentices and padawans) must always present as humble and upstanding individuals. TPLA will not tolerate bullying, trolling, or otherwise harassing other members of the community on internet forums, at public events, conventions, or performances. Any member found to be engaging in such behavior will have their relationship with TPLA dissolved.
  4. All TPLA representatives must abide by the TPLA mission statement. 

Material Responsibilities

  1. All apprentices must conform to all TPLA rules and guidelines for safety, fair play, sharing and fun on video or while in any capacity representing TPLA and it’s material. This means following all safety rules set down in Saberlab for sparring, knowing and upholding the mission of TPLA, and gaining permission from Masters before teaching or producing an instructional video on any material. 
  2. Apprentices may work at their own pace but must be in contact with one of the Masters through email, Skype, or some other method. They may receive tasks or challenges to test  progress . This will require Masters to be able to communicate with students effectively. 
  3. Apprentices are responsible for keeping their skills up themselves. If one does not posses the discipline, time, or energy to commit to the training program, they may leave either on their own, or through counsel with our Masters. 
  4. Continued participation in the program requires adherence to all standards of technique and safety. If one is found to be in breach of these after three warnings, a counsel will be convened and the TPLA Headmasters will decide if that person is to continue or be asked to leave. 

Group Formation rules

  1. Apprentices may form groups and lead people through the initiate material in preparation for their trials. Group leaders may show other material to groups only under the understanding that they are currently working with TPLA Masters and have obtained clearance on skill level to teach the exercises in question. 
  2. All official TPLA affiliate groups must conform to all Saberlab safety guide lines. No sparring or dueling without gear will be tolerated. Head, eye, hand and groin protection are the minimum requirements.
  3. Any group that officially teaches or presents TPLA material will be held to the same standard of quality, knowledge, and presentation that TPLA adheres to in the community as stated in the TPLA Mission Statement