Achievement overview

Terra Prime Achievements 

Achievements are various components of training that the student must complete in order to be sure they have the skills needed for the next level. Each Form of Lightsaber has achievements for each of the components of that Form.  

The specific types of achievements and their organization can be found here

Earning the various achievements can be done in a  number of ways. The goal of the system is to allow for specialization and

experimentation as well as self determined progress and personal responsibility to one's training. Share this progress is essential for the Headmasters and Knights to assess oneís level and as such the sharing of videos and involvement in discussions and events is also essential to attaining achievements. The specific methods are detailed below:

Demonstration through video upload of one's practice. If one loads progress videos of their work on the various areas, Headmasters and Knights may award achievements if the requirements are met in the video. Feedback on videos will be intended for this purpose and this method should be the primary method one uses to attain achievements. 

Challenge specific achievements. There will be challenges issued which will carry with them achievements in particular areas. If you are having trouble earning a particular achievement, these challenges may offer an opportunity to come at it from another angle. Challenges will have achievements and values for each level. You still must meet the pre-requisite achievements for any that you wish to earn from the challenge.

Demonstration of understanding in conversations in the forums. If the Headmasters or Knights notice that one individual has grasped a particular concept in the formula, achievements may be awarded. Conduct and insight are valued highly and if one can demonstrate both understanding and decorum, TPLA recognized the achievement. 

Other achievements may be earned through other means yet to be determined. Specialties, performances, and other events may be included and count toward one's proficiency. 

Unlocking Achievements

Each achievement is unlocked by previous achievements. In the Formulae, the progression is fairly simple: formula must be done before Accelerations, done before Dulon, etc. Some achievements require multiple pre-requisites to unlock. These requirements form the natural progression of skills and will be adhered to no matter how basic or remedial it may seem. 


Trials are given to individuals who have the necessary requirements to advance in rank. Once one has obtained all the necessary achievements, they may now petition the Headmasters for a trial. Trials will be given on a few different criteria depending on the rank being tested. 

The requirements for Apprentice are Student level achievements in all Shii-Cho and a cumulative amount of time equal or greater to 6 months active on the Learner's in Exile Forum. Once these criteria are met, one may petition to be considered for Apprenticeship by undergoing a trial.