In 2018 the French Federation of Fencing accepted the LED saber as the fourth official fencing weapon. Since that time, the FFE and TPLA school Academie de Sabre Laser (ASL) have been certifying coaches and referees and holding national competitions in France. In October of 2019, Chad Eisner of TPLA traveled to France to formalize the relationship between the FFE and TPLA and to work to start up official certifications for people in the United States.

TPLA Is proud to be the official ambassadors to the sport of LED Saber on behalf of the FFE for the USA. We will be holding national certifications for booth coaches and refs coming soon. Please take a look at the rules presented below. If you are interested in certification, please contact us through one of our outlets or by email at

LED_Saber_Booklet_2_ Arbitration_Rules_v20190318.pdf

Play list of Sample Bouts using the ASL Rule set