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Terra Prime Light Armory are the pioneers in online, open source training in the LED saber Since 2012

The official launch of USA Light Fencing is here! 

The national governing body for lightfencing launches today May the 4th 2024 Read the press release here: https://mailchi.mp/7e014a6246d6/usa-lightfencing-launches-national-governing-sports-body?e=c9a7352e5a

Official Rules for Lightfencing: US Lightfencing Rules 

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TPLA is dedicated to providing  education suitable for any level 

ScholarshipTPLA: Sword Lab 

TPLA informs it's material with live experimentation as well as academic and scholarly research

TPLA is developing resources for individuals and groups interested in all aspects of LED Sabering

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Fighting Words is an exploration of lightsabers, swords, language, and history. 

Saber Academy

Weekly classes held in Ann Arbor Michigan:

Wednesdays at 5pm -6pm

Saturdays at 12 noon to 1pm. 

Liberty Athletic Club 2975 W. Liberty rd

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Official Rules for Lightfencing! 

Official French lightsaber rules! 

Check them out here

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