TPLA: Sword Lab

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Swords, blades, and hilt weapons. From reality and beyond. Universal techniques and lessons for ALL styles.

Sword Lab is the origin of TPLA and the starting point of the material we teach and explore. TPLA is made up of people from different background of traditional, modern, and performance based martial arts. From these rich and diverse backgrounds emerges the technical basis for all of what TPLA does.

These are the arts and practices that we love and formed our skill with and under. We feel we must always give credit where it is due and so Sword Lab is a place where TPLA's teachers and student can explore the real world martial arts that have so captured and defined us. Our mission includes the spread and preservation of these arts and sports for future generations. We hope that all of TPLA's students will appreciate this window into other martial worlds and the benefits they bring.