Offenses and Penalties

Offenses and penalties: 

Offenses and penalties are separated into four categories in acceding order of severity.  As the seriousness of the infraction increases so do the penalties for that offense. If the combatant receives a sanction, points will be awarded to their opponent.  Any phrase in which an offense occurs is deemed “invalid” and no score will be recorded for that phrase. 

If point based sanctions are ineffective or the infraction is of sufficient severity, the combatant may be removed from competition..

Offenses are marked during a match by the show of cards. The order and penalties associated with each are below: 

Technical offenses: 

these are offenses that are rule based and guard toward game play. These offensives are first given a verbal warning, then a white card with a second warning and information that the next infraction will incur a penalty or sanction. These offenses can incur up to but not beyond a yellow card. Any behavior that would exceed the yellow card sanction will fall under one of the next categories. 

Minor offenses:

 These offenses are more serious offenses because they begin to create unsafe conditions, disruptions of combat, and erode the spirit of sportsmanship and good will. White cards will be given for these offenses immediately. 

Major offenses: 

These are the most serious of offenses and pose the biggest threat to the success of any event. Combatants that commit these offenses threaten to create bad situation for all involved including audience and spectators. These offenses incur immediate sanction with no warnings given. These offenses are also often degrees of severity. As such, referees will be permitted to give either a yellow or red card depending on the situation. After repeated violations, the combatants will be removed from competition for the duration of the event. 

Disqualifying offenses: 

these actions are cause for immediate removal from competition and immediate disqualification for the duration of the event. These offenses are extended to include the spectators, coaches, officials, or anyone else attending the event.