TPLA Mission statement

Terra Prime Mission statement:

Terra Prime (TPLA) was formed in April 2012, to use the LED lightsabers as weapon analog for historical martial arts in a modern and relevant context, to spread these arts and knowledge to future generations, and preserve the techniques developed by past generations as well as promote a healthy active lifestyle.

TPLA is dedicated to the following principles in all their endeavors:

Technical and educational excellence. TPLA strive to produce professional, easy to understand, and useful material. TPLA is dedicated to pushing the art forward and maintaining a high level of technical and educational worth.

Safety. TPLA and it's affiliates uphold strict safety standards for training, competition and sparring. All representatives of TPLA will always promote, use, and demonstrate with safety gear.

Open source. All of TPLA's technical material (excluding trademarked names and copywrited music etc.) is under Creative Commons Attribution+Share Alike license to allow free access and usage of said techniques. This is in direct service to the above goal.

Build community. TPLA believes that it is the collective love of these arts, these hobbies, and media that drives us forward. TPLA is dedicated to allowing people the opportunity to be involved and add to the conversation.Meeting people and making new friends is a large part of TPLA.

Promote healthy life skills and fitness. TPLA believe the practice of these arts build character and will serve to promote activity in daily life, respect, discipline, help with problem solving, conflict resolution and self esteem.

Production of free material. TPLA does not produce material for any other goal than those stated above. In the spirit of sharing, all material is available to everyone any where free of charge. While TPLA does hold events and classes that are fee based, that is for personal live instruction or to meet expenses. TPLA will hold charity events and help raise funds for local charities.

Any representatives of TPLA agrees to uphold the above mission by virtue of inclusion by TPLA


Terra Prime LightSaber Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.