Gear for Lightfencing

In Lightfencing (ASl-FFE, HKLA, USL etc.) gear is a key component to the practice and play of the sport. This gear not only protects us from injury, but also protect our opponent, giving us the freedom to hit them without fear of hurting them. Without gear, fencing become dangerous and hazardous. Since Lightfencing uses the whole body as a target, this gear must do specific things. Also, different gear is used for different activities. 

How much gear?  There are several different training drills and games leading up to full bouts. Different gear is necessary at each step: 

Gear in order of importance or gravity: 

Some gear is more critical than others in certain settings. Certain areas are more vulnerable to injury and permanent damage. 

Each tier of protection Protects from specific types and severities of injury: 

(It is important to note that it says “protects” and not “prevents”. There is always some risk incurred even when proper gear is being used.) 

Gear levels 

Level 3: Full kit. For sparring and competition. 

Level 2: Head, back of the head, elbows, knees, and gloves. 

Level 1: Mask and gloves

Examples of Approved Gear: