Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy

The Terra Prime Formula System

the terra prime system is expansive. It starts with a kernel and grow outward. Each Step is a step closer to Mastery. The System is not so much a style as it is a way of seeing all styles. It's formula are philosophies of combat, training focuses, and principles meant to guide and inform rather than instructions to obey and follow. What most people call style are no more than exercises. The System does to distinguish between styles. The system reflects the history and development of the artist.

The system is made up of four phases.

Formula: The basic mechanics and purpose of the “Form”/ Theory.

Accelerations: Drills and exercises designed to teach the formula.

Dulon: Solo exercise that help teach combining all skills into one action.

Velocities: Two person drills that acclimate one to using the skills in combat.

Each phase is necessary for understanding. The Formula leads to the Accelerations. Accelerations to Dulon, Dulon to the Velocities. After that, it is just combat.

The Seven Classical Forms

In the system, the Seven Classical Forms are called “formula” Each formula has a specific purpose and goal in training. Each these Formula has a philosophy of combat. Each philosophy of combat must be fully understood before true skill is achieved. The Formula are arranged in a progressive way, each leading to the next. They are as follows:

Foundation (Shii-cho),

Interaction (Makashi),

Defense/Reaction (Soresu),

Offense/Action (Ataru),

Synthesis (Shien, Djem So),

Unification/Harmony (Niman), and finally,

Transcendence (Juyo/Vaapad).

This progression describes both the development of skill in the wielder and the development of the use of the lightsaber historically. The system can be applied to almost any style or art. The progression is intended to help the student find their way on the path.

The Four Pillars

The first four of the Formula are called the “Pillars” in the system. This is because they uphold the overall skill that one bases their art upon. The Pillars must be understood before moving on to synthesis as it will be the components of these formula that will be used in the process. Of the Pillars, Shii-cho is the only one that must be undertaken first. While it is recommended that one follows the traditional progression, often one may need to spend time with a single concept to better understand it. If they are proficient in Defense, Soresu will not be a high priority. Conversely , If the student is in need of physical fitness and improvement in body mechanics, Ataru can be taken up after a foundations laid.

The reason for this is that the Four Pillars must be in place but, after Shii-Cho, they must be placed one at a time. It is therefore possible to break from the chronological progression and mix the order on the remaining three.

Glossary of Terra Prime Terms