Holonet Archives:Soresu

"Form III Soresu. A lot of people laud this form for it's passivity. Frankly this form scares me. Build the perfect defense, hold off the opposition until they reveal an opening, a weakness. Then in the most simple of strokes, strike. This isn't a passive form, it's just patient. Hurricanes are patient too. Make a note." - Sentinel Uilos

"Here we see Master Kane demonstrating his rendition of Soresu. A lot of people complain about the "Lightsaber Rave" Technique utilized. However, it's an effective means of keeping the area around you cleared. It's just remarkably dumb when two masters are using it on each other for a frakking minute and nothing happens..." - Sentinel Uilos

"Instructor Wing leads the members of New York Jedi in his rendition of Soresu. The Form was designed initially from Master Wing's personal take and used for group demonstrations. It may be for show, but the point comes across." - Sentinel Uilos