• Paths are TPLA 's term for study focus. Much like a major or degree program, TPLA's material will be set up for ease of learning and to focus an individuals training.
  • Paths are intended for those officially recognized by TPLA and currently an official apprentice. TPLA will still offer free material to everyone!

Instructor Paths: these paths are for those wishing to dedicate themselves to a formal training regimen and eventually become certified TPLA instructors and group leaders.

Knights can choose from one of three paths: Guardian, Consular, or Sentinel. The Path of the Dark Side is by invitation only.

  • Guardian: Guardians can choose to continue with any of the four previous forms, explore new ones, or begin study of Form V. Guardians will not study Niman. Any one wishing to specialize in any of the first five Forms should choose the Guardian Path.
  • Consulars: Consulars begin their study toward Form VI: Niman. This requires a full understanding of each of the preceding 5 Forms. Consulars stay on this path until they reach Niman. Each Form is studied in depth until one’s teacher deems them ready to take their Master’s exam and begin Form VI.
  • Sentinels: Students who are into the technical side of the lightsaber and the use of combat and strategy will become Sentinels. (Although the title is usually presented to a person who has added to the community.) Sentinels also will explore the exotic weapons of these Forms as well as hand to hand combat. Sentinels can study any Form or combination of Forms (with the exception of Niman) but will often focus on the technology or weapons themselves.
  • The Path of the Dark Side: those who do not wish to follow the normal path and instead choose the way of the Sith and the Dark Side of saber combat will follow their own path. The Dark Side path is mysterious and often dangerous. For this reason only one student to one teacher is allowed. This path takes total devotion and hard, rigorous study and discipline. It is not a path for casual players who simply do not wish to be Jedi. It is it’s own path requiring much more time and energy than any other. It is the road less traveled and has little in the way of guide posts. This path can be seen as the Path of Juyo as that is the From that the Dark Side path leads to. Students are chosen by Masters usually at the time of their graduation from Aprenctice but can be “turned” at any time during their training. It is then that they will begin the training to become Jendar’i or “Dark Lord”- the equivalent of Knight.

Alternate Paths:

Form paths: If a student finds a particular Form well suited to them, they may elect to follow the path of that Form. Each Form does have it’s specialties, but every Form can be used as a path to mastery in it’s self. What is required is careful study and patience.

Each Form has it’s own progression and material. Some material is shared where applicable.

  • Form I-IV will continue their concepts, interpreting them in various ways, often using the supporting formulae where a gap in training is perceived.
  • Form V is a path in and of it’s self, focusing on certain aspects of combat. It relies on the concepts of Makashi Soresu and Ataru formulae and expounds on their interaction.
  • Form VI is the product of careful study of all the previous forms and can be considered synonymous with the Consular path.
  • Form VII is a different type of form, requiring far more knowledge of lightsaber combat than the others. More dependance on psychology and counter-intuitive training are paramount. This path is equated with the path of the Dark Side or Vaapad.

Each path has it’s own grades dependent on it’s focus.