Achievement System

TPLA Achievement system

The TPLA system of lightsaber combat is organized into levels. These are similar to belt rankings but only indicate how far one has progressed through the system. Each level of proficiency is defined by a particular depth of knowledge. One can follow one path through to it’s completion or go through each phase of differing formula at that level. They are as follows:

Student: A student of the Form is one who has demonstrated the foundational knowledge to begin exploring the formula with an informed eye. Students follow the formula closely and try not to deviate from it. Creativity is not a student’s responsibility. It is to explore and understand the message of the formula.

Mechanic: One who has mastered the fundamentals and is knowledgeable into the inner working of body, weapon, and movement mechanics of the Form is considered a Mechanic of the Form. Deeper understanding is cultivated here. The many relationships between body, weapon, and movement gives one the physical strategies that are the focus of the formula.

Philosopher: A Philosopher of the Form knows the physical and strategic principles of the Form and can now study and explore the more advanced concepts and applications. A Philosopher thinks deeply about every aspect of the formula and strives to know more. The philosopher level has no end. Once one reaches it, they begin a new journey toward understanding.

In order to advance in level one must earn achievements in particular orders.

Earning achievements and proficiency levels