The Seven Forms

Terra Prime's Seven Forms: In the system, the Seven Classical Forms are called “formula” Each formula has a specific purpose and goal in training. Each these Formula has a philosophy of combat. Each philosophy of combat must be fully understood before true skill is achieved. The Formula are arranged in a progressive way, each leading to the next.

This progression describes both the development of skill in the wielder and the development of the use of the lightsaber historically. The system can be applied to almost any style or art. The progression is intended to help the student find their way on the path.





Shien/Djem So



The Seven forms of Lightsaber Combat: A Discourse by Craig Page (PDF download)

This is required reading for saber enthusiasts. Please feel free to download and share.

Craig "Uilos" Page, our resident scholar of the Forms, has authored this piece which not only gives a good over view of the origin of the Forms and the usage, it is a great entry into the saber community.